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The Liberal College, Luwangsangbam established in the year 1979, is the outcome of a long cherished Will and Desire of the people in the area. This ALMA MATER was named “Liberal College” unanimously in a historic public meeting convened on June 3, 1979 by the four Pradhans of Gram Panchayats in the Heingang Assembly Constituency at the premises of the Srivan High School, Luwangsangbam. The college is about 8km away towards the northern side of the Imphal City and the western side of the National Highway No.39 (now 2).


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20 Arts and Science Departments.


Library with well equipped computer system.


50 bedded Women's hostel.


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College Achievements

Name and address Roll No Exam Subject Position Year
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Ibehaibi Devi Yambem 11357 TDC Sc. Core Anthropology 1st 1995
S. Satyabhama Devi 211244 BSc (Hons) Chemistry 1st 2004
Khongdiyang Gangmei 311770 BSc (Hons) Anthropology 1st 2005
Salam Anand Singh 431642 B.A (Hons) Philosophy 1st 2006